Joining a Town and Claiming a Plot

After having found a town you'd like to join in Getting Started on Towny we'll now be working on joining this town and claiming a place to live there.

Joining a Town

Before you join a Town you need to see if you need an invite for this town or if the town you'd like to join is open. Luckily we can easily check this using:

/town [town name]

  • [town name] being the name of the town you'd like to join.

On the top of the Town it should state the name of the town. If the town is an open town, thus requiring no invitation it should say (open) after the Town's name. If the town you're looking to join is not open you'll need to ask a Mayor, Co-Mayor or Assistant of that town for an invite.

Now you know if you can join the town it's time to join it! Join the town using:

/t join [town name]

  • [town name] being the name of the town you want to join.

After using the command you should be all set to have joined the town, and get a plot!

Getting to Town

Before you can actually choose a plot where you want to build you need to get to town first. After joining a town you can use the following command to get to your Town's spawn:

/t spawn [town name]

  • [town name] being the name of the town you'd like to go to.

Now you should be in the town, and it's time to get a plot!

Claiming a Plot

Plots are chunks (officially defined an area of 16x16 blocks) that towns give their residents to build their own houses at. Keep in mind that some towns also have plots with pre-built houses. Depending on the town you might get a single chunk when you join, but in some towns you get two or even four plots - this is all up to the town staff.

Identifying a plot

If you want to claim a plot, you need to find one that you can actually claim. We call this buying a plot. Most towns offer their first plots for free, but some towns also require a payment for the claiming of chunks. If you walk around town and see the text ~ [For Sale: $Price] you have found yourself a plot you can buy!

Actually claiming the plot

After finding a plot you want you need to claim it, to do that use the following command:

/plot claim

Note: if your plot consists of multiple chunks you need to execute the command in every chunk of your total area.

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