Auction House

The auction house or /ah is where players can auction their items off for whatever price they want. Players are then able to purchase these items for that price.

There are many buttons that do different things on /ah. Here is a simple guide to what each button does.

The first 5 rows of the auction house (minus the glass panes) are the items players are selling. You can hover over items and see:

  • Any enchants the item may have

  • The price

  • Who is selling it

  • When it expires


The chest is the “Expire Items” section. Items that aren’t sold before the expire date are put here for players to reclaim. Careful though, expired items are only available to reclaim for 7 days.

Ender Chest

The ender chest is the “Bought Items” section. Any item you buy from the auction house is put here to claim. Simply click the item and it will be put into your inventory. Similar to the Expire Items, items in the Bought Items section are only available to claim for 7 days.


The arrows allow you to look through different pages of the ah depending on what section you are in. There are usually many items for sale which means more pages of the ah. Simply click the “Next” arrow to view the other pages. Want to see a previous page? Click the “Previous” arrow.

Nether Star

The nether star gives some basic information of the auction house. Such as the command to sell, the number of items available to buy, and the sort type. By clicking the nether star button you are able to change the sort type of the auction house. The sort types are:

  • Ascending Date sorts items by oldest to newest items

  • Decreasing Date sorts items by newest to oldest items

  • Ascending Price sorts items by lowest to highest price

  • Decreasing Price sorts items by highest to lowest price


The sunflower shows you what items you are selling. This section allows you to take items off the ah if you decide you no longer want to sell it or maybe change the price. Retrieving the items this way puts them directly into your inventory.

Chest Minecart

The chest minecart allows you to see items on the auction house in different categories. You can go here if you are looking to see if there is a certain block but do not want to go through all the pages of the ah.

Selling Items

In order to put an item on the auction house you must hold the item you want to sell then type:

/ah sell [price] [<number of items>]

Items put on the auction house will stay on there for a total of 2 days. If no one has bought the item before that time is up, it will go into “Expire Items” which is the chest in the bottom left of the /ah.

Buying Items

To purchase an item on the /ah all you need to do is click on the item you want then confirm the purchase by clicking the green panes. If you decide you do not want to buy the item you want you can always click the red panes and cancel the purchase.

Purchasing items will take out the cost from your /bal and place the item into the “Bought Items” section of the auction house. In order to get to this do /ah and click the ender chest in the bottom left next to the “Expire Items” chest.

Now all you need to do is click your purchased item and it will be put into your inventory, make sure there’s room!

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