Fish Shop

The /fish shop allows you to sell fish either before scaling or after scaling.

All you need to do is put the fish you want to sell into the menu then close it and the money will be added to your balance.

Different fish sell for different amounts:

  • Bronze: $100

  • Silver: $550

  • Gold: $1,550

  • Diamond: $5,000

  • Platinum: $10,000

  • Mythical: $25,000

There is also a “Special Fish.” Special fish are chosen randomly every so often and are given a sell multiplier. This means if you catch and sell a fish while it is the “Special Fish” you can get it for more than the original price.

For example, if a Squid is the special fish with a sell multiplier of 1.5 it would sell for $150 instead of $100.

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