Deliveries are another way to earn entropy. By doing /fish deliveries you can see your available deliveries.

To get a delivery you need to catch 180 fish. Starting out, you are able to get a max of 3 deliveries at a time. Delivery types are random and range from Common to Mythical.

Delivery Upgrades

There are also upgrades that you can get to help you along with deliveries. Each upgrade costs entropy and the amount of entropy increases with each upgrade.

Increase Capacity

Increases your total amount of available deliveries.

Max Level: 12


Reduce the time it takes to deliver your deliveries.

Max Level: 20

Expert Deliverer

Reduces the amount of fishing needed for a delivery.

Max Level: 5

Pay Rise

Earn more entropy from handing in deliveries.

Max Level: 100

Lucky Charm

Reduces the amount of fish needed to obtain a delivery from fishing.

Max Level: 10

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