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Mining is a sophisticated plugin that enhances the conventional vanilla mining in various aspects. It brings numerous custom items and pickaxe enchantments focused on mining, unique boss mobs, and a seamlessly integrated secondary economy to the game. Your adventure with PyroMining commences the moment you extract your initial ore!

Command Summary

  • /mine or /mine menu - open PyroMining home menu

  • /mine journal - view basic information on the various aspects of PyroMining

  • /mine help - view list of available commands

  • /mine stats - view all your PyroMining statistics including level

  • /mine zeta - view your Zeta balance

  • /mine shop - access PyroMining shop to sell fluxes, gemstones, and/or artifacts

  • /mine singularity - upgrade skill tree and check rune requirements

  • /mine artifacts - open the artifacts menu to identify artifacts or fossils and to upgrade artifact passives

  • /mine vessels - open the menu to check current Vessel progress on a pickaxe, and to change requiums

Plugin Summary

Extract ores to acquire fluxes, gemstones, enigmatic dust, and artifacts. Vend fluxes, gemstones, and unsealed artifacts at the /mine shop for monetary rewards. Swap artifacts for various items, including fossils and requiums, at /mine artifacts. Establish a refinery to transform mysterious dust into rune dust and other resources, and to amalgamate fossils into a vessel. Utilize rune dust to summon rune guardians, amass runes, and enhance your singularity (passive skills). Affix vessels to your pickaxe and engage in battles against vessel bosses, adhering to the correct requiem sequence in /mine vessels. Summon and combat oracles to obtain valuable bonus items.

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