Basics & Economy

During ore extraction in both the Overworld and the Nether, there exists a probability for extra items to be yielded, which can be sold for monetary gain. Nether ores may yield Blazed Fluxes, while Overworld ores may produce Basic Flux. Gemstones are also found in both realms, each with a fundamental drop chance of 2% from their corresponding ores. Moreover, ores have the potential to yield Mysterious Dust and artifacts, necessitating a more detailed examination compared to the aforementioned items.

Flux Types have no other use but can be sold directly to /mine shop.

Gemstones are sellable directly to the /mine shop as well as having the chance to augment their worth before selling. This venture is termed "examining the quality" of the gemstone and can be executed by simply right-clicking the item while in possession of it. If you perform this action with multiple identical gemstones, only one will be identified. In the event that your inventory is full, the identified gemstone will be dropped on the ground. A scrutinized gemstone can then be sold to the /mine shop, with no additional uses or functionalities.


PyroMining comes with a crucial custom currency known as Zeta, which is required for some passive upgrades, being able to craft Vessels (custom pickaxe enchantments), and other miscellaneous actions. Zeta is earned as you mine ores (Zeta earned scales with ore value), or in the form of Zeta Tears when dropped from Oracles (one of the boss types) or artifacts (an item dropped when mining). Zeta Tears are worth 10,000 Zeta when redeemed, and you can withdraw Zeta from your own balance in the /mine vessels menu.

Check your Zeta balance using /mine zeta.

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