Runes & Singularity

Singularity is directly tied with the acquisition of Runes as opposed to your PyroMining level. Access this upgrades menu using /mine singularity. This allows you to check what your current singularity level is overall, and how many points you have available. It takes an increasing number of runes to upgrade your singularity as you progress up the levels. The cost to upgrade is all previously required runes plus one additional rune. Each player requires different runes to upgrade their singularity. Rune Guardians

Rune Guardians are bosses from which you can obtain elemental Runes. Increasing quantities of runes are required to upgrade your PyroMining passive skills in /mine singularity.

Rune Dust boasts a consistent 75% drop probability across all PyroMining levels when refining mysterious dust. Additionally, there is a variable chance for Rune Dust to drop when identifying artifacts in /mine artifacts. By right-clicking a piece of Rune Dust onto a redstone ore, you can access the Rune Guardian spawning menu. Here, you have the option to expend one rune dust for the spontaneous generation of a random Rune Guardian or three rune dust for the purposeful summoning of a particular one. The latter choice proves beneficial when aiming for specific runes to enhance your singularity.

Rune Guardians exhibit diverse strengths and abilities contingent upon their elemental classification, with seven distinct elements: fire, ghost, lightning, fairy, ground, nature, and water. Dispatching a Rune Guardian carries the possibility of acquiring the corresponding elemental rune. This likelihood can be heightened through enhancements in /mine singularity upgrades.

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