Tournaments & Sharing Access

Sharing Access

You can allow other players to have access to your growstations and bushes by adding them as a friend, using the command: /farm friends add (playername) They will be unable to move your Growstations & Bushes, but they are allowed to harvest from and plant at them. With this feature you can work together with others to build a bigger farm. Farming tournaments

With Farming Tournaments the goal is always the same. Harvest as many of the specified crop within 10 minutes.

Participating is as simple as harvesting 1 of the specified crop. All participants earn 500 pyrofarming xp at the end of the tournament. If you manage to make it into the top 3, however, you also earn further prizes.

Types of tournaments: Harvest the most Wheat, Beetroot, Potato, Carrot, Melon, Pumpkin, Sugarcane, Netherwart, or Cocoa bean

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