Getting Started with Farming

To get started with PyroFarming our initial step involves acquiring plants from the /farm market. This market comprises a permanent store and an extra rotating store. Additional features for obtaining more plant seeds are planned for future updates. Presently, the permanent store stocks seeds and bushes. The rotating shop, accessible at level 15, offers items that will periodically change. Consequently, items available today may not return for a considerable period, making it advisable to make purchases promptly. Additionally, in the rotating shop, there is a 20% discount on the Non-Exclusive rotating shop products. The types of seeds you can use depends on your level in the PyroFarming plugin (/farm menu on the top). Using the codex to your advantage is very helpful (/farm codex). From there, you can see every category of plant/custom feature that this plugin offers. While in a category, hovering over any plant will show you all relevant information and stats related. You may click on the specific seed/bush and that will show you all harvestable items related to the plant. Specifically on /farm codex plants, you can see on the bottom(or /farm codex traits), there are traits. Currently the information for traits is very limited, but we know that you can upgrade your Growstations to have a chance to generate a random trait, whether that be good, neutral, or bad. Additionally, some plants naturally have traits, which you will come to find.

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