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PyroFarming is a new plugin that introduces new plants and ways for you to make money. Level up your Farms and your Growstations to gain access to new seeds, perks, and custom items.

Command Summary

  • /farm - view a list of the Pyrofarming commands

  • /farm menu - opens the PyroFarming home menu

  • /farm help - opens a book that gives basic tutorials of the plugin

  • /farm codex - opens the PyroFarming codex. From here you can see all of the plants and bushes the plugin has to offer.

  • /farm elysium - shows your total elysium, the custom currency for the plugin

  • /farm market - opens the market, where you can buy seeds from the permanent shop or try your luck with the rotating shop, which offers seeds at a discount.

  • /farm shop - opens the PyroFarming shop, where you can sell your harvested plants.

  • /farm friends - allows you to add players to your friends list, allowing them to have access to harvest/plant at your growstations.

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