Vessels are ultimately custom enchantments for pickaxes that you have to put work into. Once you have crafted a vessel item from a refinery, you can apply that vessel item to a pickaxe by dragging it and clicking it onto your pickaxe. Performing this action initiates a vessel progression specific to that pickaxe. The vessel item is the only state in which vessels are transferable between players. Obtaining a vessel item and applying it to your pickaxe is the beginning of the process to get that enchantment

Vessels are similar to custom enchantments but are only for pickaxes. To craft one you need all 8 pieces of the Vessel which can be obtained as fossils from artifacts. Place all 8 pieces in a Refinery to craft a Vessel.

Vessels require you to guess the correct Requium order to be able to kill the boss. You can view your previous attempts inside of the /mine vessels inventory. Fossils

Unidentified fossils are obtained from identifying artifacts. To identify a fossil, place it back in /mine artifacts. The time to identify a fossil is one hour. Fossils come from three different creatures: dragon, manticore, and phoenix, and there are 13 uniquely named creatures which translate directly into 13 unique Vessels. An unidentified fossil will indicate the creature type, while an identified fossil will assign a name to it.

There are eight fossil parts belonging to each vessel creature: skull, arm, spine, rib, tail, wing, leg, and foot. Having all eight of those parts for a single creature will allow you to craft a vessel item in a refinery. See refinery page for information on converting your identified fossil collection into a vessel item. Each vessel costs Zeta and requires a minimum PyroMining level to be crafted from fossils. A full list of Fossil Vessels can be found through the /mine wiki in-game Info & Enchants

Vessel enchantments will apply to your pickaxe immediately after you kill the vessel boss (it is assumed your pickaxe will be in your inventory at this time, as it only spawns when mining with the pickaxe). Each vessel can be added on more than once to increase its effects and overall level; if there is already one or more levels of the vessel enchantment on the pickaxe, defeating the vessel boss increases that level by one.

Vessel Removal

In the /mine vessels menu, you have the option to remove all vessel enchantments and progressions from a pickaxe by paying a fee of 100,000 Zeta. This action erases any PyroMining data associated with the pickaxe and provides you with vessel items in your inventory. For each vessel enchantment and each level of those enchantments originally present on the pickaxe, a corresponding vessel item is returned. Additionally, if there was an incomplete vessel progression, a vessel item for that progression is also restored to your inventory, if applicable.

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