Creating your Nickname

To create a custom nickname on NobleRealms you will need at least the VIP+ Rank

Nicknames on Towny use the output encoding system known as "Chat", which looks something like this <#084cfb>. We use this system as it allows players to use whatever colour they want in their nickname, so you can make something fancy or keep it simple!

The best way to create a nickname is to use a nickname generator website, we reccomend using BirdFlop. The link to this website is

At the arrow labelled 1, click the box and select the colours that you want your nickname to be made up of. If you want it to consist of more than two colour then you can add more colour options, by increasing the number shown at the point on arrow 5.

Once you have selected your colours, head to the box labelled with the number 2. Here you will input what you want the actual text of your nickname to be, for example your IGN or a shortened version of your ign, or whatever you feel like!.

When the text has been set, the most important step is to select the "Chat" format from the Output format drop down box, labelled at arrow 3. If you do not select the Chat output format then your nickname in-game will not work!

Finally once you have selected the correct formatting, chosen your colours and input your text you can also choose to add other stylisations to your nickname if you wish to, by ticking the boxes labelled at arrow 4 to add any of them into your nickname.

Before checking out your nickname in-game you'll be able to see a preview of what your nickname will look like. It will appear for you on the website where it says "Darkstar2508". Once you are happy with your nickname, the next step is to copy the entire code labelled in the Output Box, shown in the image below.

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