Getting Started on Towny

First of all, welcome to NobleRealms' Towny server! To get you going we've written up a wiki that should guide you towards creating your own experience. In this wiki we cover things from creating a town, to making money, but we also will go in-depth about plot permissions and the multitude of custom plugins we have.

Rules and Tutorial

After joining the Towny server we always advise to use the following commands:

  • /rules

  • /tutorial

Finding a town

If you'd like to join a town there are multiple ways to find one. The most common ways are:

  • Checking /featured

  • Checking /t list

  • Checking the NobleRealms Map for a town

  • Asking in chat for a town to join

After knowing which town you would like to join check out 'Joining a Town and Claiming a Plot'.

Getting Materials

When you need materials you could get those in the Earth World. However, NobleRealms has a dedicated set of worlds that you can use to get materials for building/constructing whatever you like. These worlds reset every month to make sure there are enough resources till the end of time. The follow worlds get reset every month:

  • The Resource World

    • To get to this world use /rtp and click on the resource world (wooden pickaxe).

  • The Nether

  • The End

You can also get resources by buying them from shop using:

  • /shop

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