PyroMining Oracles play a significant role in the PyroMining experience. These entities, once summoned, offer the opportunity to engage in battles that, when won, yield valuable bonus items. These items can range from unique resources to powerful enhancements, providing miners with additional rewards and augmenting their capabilities in the PyroMining universe. The challenges presented by PyroMining Oracles add an exciting and rewarding dimension to the overall mining adventure.

Uncharged Oracleite is obtained from refining Mysterious Dust with a 2% chance to drop when Level 20+. Uncharged Oracelite must receive 35 charge before it becomes Charged Oracleite; charge it by mining diamond ore with one Oracleite in your offhand.

Charged Oracleite is used to spawn the first of three Oracles when right-clicked onto an emerald ore. This opens the oracles menu, allowing you to confirm the summoning of Radalite. When an Oracle is killed, it always drops the rune required to summon the next one. When fighting any Oracle, behaviours include teleporting to you and spawning minions (in the form of vexes) to also fight you. Radalite

Spawn Radalite, the first oracle, by right clicking a Charged Oracleite onto an emerald ore and confirming the spawn in the menu.

Lore: Fire based and deals bonus damage when fought in water.


Spawn Impulse, the second successive oracle, by right clicking a Hell Rune onto an emerald ore and confirming the spawn in the menu.

Lore: Focuses mainly on electricity, casting lightning and dealing Area-of-Effect (AoE) damage and zoning out attackers before they get close. Explodes when killed!

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