Player Warps

Player warps are warps that are set by players that anyone can go to. Player warps can be anything you want! Ranging from public exp farms and profit shops to a marriage venue or player hangout.

You can view featured warps by using:


To view all other warps click the first section.

Creating a Player Warp

At rank Peasant you are able to set 1 player warp. In order to set your player warp all you need to do is choose your location and do:

/pwarp create [name]

The name can be anything you want, just make sure it’s appropriate! If you later decide that you want to change the name you can always do:

/pwarp rename [current name] [new name]

To make your warp stand out, make sure you set an icon and description for your warp! You can do this by doing these 2 things:

/pwarps icon set [name of warp] (material)

/pwarps desc set [name of warp] [description]

If you decide you want to move your warp all you need to do is:

Recreate the warp

Want to see a list of all your warps? Do the following command:

/pwarp and select MyWarps Section

No longer want your player warp? All you have to do is:

/pwarps delete [name of warp]

When looking at /pwarps you first see the featured player warps on the server. Anyone can get their pwarp featured by simply purchasing the slot they want when it's avaliable.

In order to purchase a sponsor slot all you need to do is:

/pwarp and Click on the avaliable sponsor star the bottom

To open the GUI do:


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