Plants & Bushes Basics

Growstation Basics

Every growstation comes with its own stats: level, XP, upgrade points, and an information tab. The information tab contains the information related to the placement of the growstation. Below that is the water stats, which shows the liquid type and the current amount of water. With base stats, the growstation takes in 600 water per water bucket. As of now, there is only water as a liquid type, but we hope to see more in the future! At the very bottom left you will see the information related to the seed. If you want your seeds to grow, you need to match your seed information to your growstation information and have your growstation full of water! Keep reading and look below for more information pertaining to the Temperature, Temperament, and Environment. If successful, your plant in the middle of the growstation GUI should say everything looks good for growing! Keep in mind, your growstations will keep the stats and upgrades FOREVER. You are able to move your growstation anywhere you want, at any time, without all of your work being removed. Plants will continue to grow whether you are loading the chunk or not, as well as being offline. Growing Information

After planting your seeds and meeting requirements, you will notice your growstation have certain stages of growth. This is indicated by certain vanilla plants being planted in the flower pot. For repeat producing, the plug-in informs the completion in chat for the last item produced.

  • Bamboo -> Growing

  • Lily of the Valley -> Producing (only for continuous plants)

  • Allium -> Fully Harvestable

After successfully growing your plants, you will be able to harvest the products in the growstation's inventory. This is located at the bottom of the growstation GUI. Beware: "Cleaning out" your growstation does not collect the items produced, if left in the growstations inventory.

Lastly, in the growstations gui, there are upgrades that will buff your growstation in multiple ways. They line the main menu of the growstation along the right side. Plant Requirements

All plants have a required temperature, temperament and environment. These can be met in certain ways, whether that be the placement of the growstation or using custom items. Temperature

There are various required temperatures in order to grow and meet your plants requirements. These temperatures are based on Minecraft's inherited biome temperature. Cold biomes will be cold, and warm biomes will be warm. Look below for exact temperature details! You can use various custom items to help imitate a temperature anywhere such as a lava lamp, an industrial fan and more! Temperament

When it comes to growing plants, you may see temperament as an option on the item. Temperament only affects traits and how those traits will interact between players and other mobs. If a plant has a 'Friendly' temperament, it will not attack players or passive mobs. If a plant has an 'Aggressive' temperament, it will attack anything, including players. Plants can also have a 'Normal' temperament. This will mean that they will attack anything apart from players. There is currently no way to modify a plants temperament rating. Environment

Plants have various required environments in order to grow. Environments can be considered world types, such as the Overworld, Nether, or End. However, some environments are custom and require special custom items in order to imitate that environment. Custom items such as the overworld orb, nether orb, and end orb can replicate these environments. Bush Basics

Bushes are blocks that can be placed and will grow items over time for you. These will appear as player heads above the placed bush. You can break these and sell them to the /farm shop for money. Bushes are designed in a way that they cost a lot to purchase, and the items they produce sell for less. Since they require very little work to harvest, they will be profitable in the long run. Eventually, you will be able to increase the amount of bushes that you can place by upgrading various skills inside the Skill Archive, but as we know this is unavailable at the moment. You will find these for sale at /farm market and find some for sale on the rotating store, as well as the permanent stock.

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