Augment Crafting

In order to craft augments, you need to gather specific materials the augment requires as well as the required amount of entropy. You will also need to be a certain fishing level.

You can check your fishing level and entropy by doing /fish stats and hovering over the fishing rod.

When you have everything you need to craft an augment, get a cauldron filled with water and drop the exact amounts of each material into it for the augment you want to craft. Once all materials are in the cauldron, hit the cauldron with a fishing rod. And there you go, you got an augment!

Here are all the materials needed for each augment:

Hot Spot

  • 16x Glistering Melon Slice

  • 32x String

  • 3x Golden Apple

  • 1x Oak Boat

  • 4x Dolphin Tail

Call of the Storm

  • 1x Water Bucket

  • 1x Oak Boat

  • 16x Cod

  • 4x Lily Pad

  • 4x Sponge


  • 16x Cooked Beef

  • 1x Cake

  • 12x Baked Potato

  • 16x Cod


  • 8x Gold Block

  • 16x Crab Scale

  • 16x Crab Claw

  • 3x Dolphin Tail

  • 4x Gunpowder

  • 16x Redstone

  • 16x Sugar

Biome Disruption

  • 16x Oak Log

  • 16x Snowball

  • 32x Sand

  • 32x Kelp

  • 1x Water Bucket

  • 12x Dolphin Tail

  • 20x Crab Scale

Precision Cutting

  • 1x Anvil

  • 1x Diamond Sword

  • 1x Iron Axe

  • 16x Cobblestone

  • 2x Emerald

  • 3x Lapis Block

  • 1x Water Bucket

  • 1x Wither Skeleton Skull

  • 6x Nautilus Shell

Crab Bait

  • 1x Water Bucket

  • 10x Crab Claw

  • 20x Crab Scale

  • 64x String


  • 20x Lapis Block

  • 8x Book

  • 8x Diamond

  • 8x Emerald Block

  • 16x Crab Scale


  • 32x Glass

  • 4x Glowstone

  • 3x Turtle Egg

  • 3x Nautilus Shell

  • 10x Crab Claw


  • 32x Iron Block

  • 16x Gold Block

  • 12x Diamond Block

  • 12x Emerald Block

  • 16x Squid Tentacle

  • 1x Heart of The Sea

Solar Range

  • 8x Gold Block

  • 5x Diamond Block

  • 12x Emerald Block

  • 10x Crab Claw

  • 10x Crab Scale

  • 10x Squid Tentacle

Master Fisherman

  • 1x Nether Star

  • 8x Ghast Tear

  • 16x Crab Claw

  • 16x Crab Scale

  • 8x Dolphin Tail

  • 12x Squid Tentacle

  • 2x Heart of The Sea

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