Pyro Fishy

Biomes | Crimson Forest, Savanna, Desert


Biomes | All Biomes

Purple Fish

Biomes | Ocean, Jungle

Nep Fish

Biomes | Plains, Forest, The End, Ocean, Ice Spikes

Neeko Fish

Biomes | All Biomes

Princess Fish

Biomes | Lukewarm Ocean, Gravelly Mountains, End Barrens, Forest, Taiga Mountains

Ancient Fish

Biomes | Wooded Hills, Desert Lakes, Snowy Tundra, Frozen River

Grand Swordfish

Biomes | Giant Tree Taiga Hills, Crimson Forest, Desert Lakes, Modified Badlands Plateau

Great Fairy Fish

Biomes | Mountain Edge, Swamp Hills, Giant Spruce Taiga

Savage Shark

Biomes | All Biomes


Biomes | Stone Shore, Wooded Hills, The Void, Warm Ocean

Void Salmon

Biomes | The Void, Mountain Edge, Giant Spruce Taiga, Snowy Taiga Mountains, Stone Shore, Taiga Hills

Tiny Kitten

Biomes | Deep Ocean

How’s this new Sperm Whale

Biomes | Deep Ocean, Deep Cold Ocean, Deep Warm Ocean, Cold Ocean, Warm Ocean, Ocean


Biomes | River


Biomes | Deep Ocean, Deep Cold Ocean, Deep Frozen Ocean


Biomes | Deep Ocean, Warm Ocean, Deep Warm Ocean


Biomes | Deep Frozen Ocean

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